About the Network

NORGEN is a Nordic network of national centres of excellence which is funded by the Nordic research board, NordForsk. NORGEN aims at building a transdisciplinarity network within the field of nuclear (orphan) hormone receptor research with the involvement of both basic and clinical scientists from a range of disciplines, including human genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, human and comparative physiology and endocrinology as well as bioinformatics and the use of state-of-the-art technology platforms.

The overarching objective of NORGEN is to exploit new opportunities provided by the excellence of Nordic research groups within the field to visualize Nordic research. Scientifically NORGEN will utilize advances in genomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology as well as associated technological developments to enhance understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying nuclear hormone receptor signaling. This will increase our understanding of the genetic and physiological regulation underlying development of metabolic disorders, chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer.

NORGEN has a strong emphasis on integrated communication between academic groups but, importantly, also between academia and industry in the Nordic region.